How to Use Modern Appliances to Decorate Your Kitchen Post Renovation

The kitchen is the most important space in your home.


Renovation gives it a complete makeover. It allows you to change what you no longer like about your kitchen and still personalize it with essentials close to your heart.

You can make it functional to support projects, meals, drinks, crafts, conversations, and of course make happy memories.

The aim of renovating your kitchen is to make it functional and more stylish based on your style and preferences. Although a well-designed kitchen is appealing and inspiring, the thought of remodeling your kitchen fully can seem overwhelming.


Kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right design tips, remodel ideas, and professional design services, you can convert your space into a dream kitchen.

Whether you’re hands-on and prefer remodeling your kitchen the DIY-way or looking to hire professionals, you can update your kitchen just the way you want it. Even if you’re working on a budget, you can give your kitchen a new look that complements your style.

After revamping your space with the most unique, practical and functional design changes, you need to furnish it with the right appliances.

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the best appliances for your kitchen from the varied features, styles, finishes, technology options, and quality out there.

Here’re tips to help you with appliance selection bound to elevate the look and function of your kitchen:

4 Tips to Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen Design

Create a design plan

Assess your needs and the goals you’d like your new kitchen to achieve. Consider various aspects of the kitchen to ensure you develop a realistic strategy for buying appliances.

Develop a feasible design plan and do some research before you begin shopping for appliances. With the right plan, you’ll create a functional and stylish kitchen that meets the needs and lifestyle of your family on budget.

Develop a layout and create a budget

Your kitchen layout determines different aspects of the appliances you can buy to furnish your cooking space. This is true whether you’re remodeling to alter your existing design, building a new kitchen as part of a new construction project, or you intend to use your existing kitchen layout.

Determine how you intend to use the kitchen, its structural or architectural flaws, and how its traffic and flow pattern adjoins other rooms.

Choose from different kitchen layouts that’ll help plan for your space accordingly. The type of layout you pick for your kitchen improves or limits the size and type of appliance you can add.

You may have to make certain compromises to design your kitchen layout for aesthetics and functionality.

Create a budget for your kitchen renovation project. Make sure it’s realistic based on the scope and size of your project because it determines the appliances you can buy.

When choosing appliances, consider functionality and budget over aesthetics. As an example, commercial-style appliances may offer your desired look, but accrue extra costs in modifying your kitchen structure to accommodate them.

Consider the appliance functionality and your lifestyle

Your lifestyle or that of your family is also important when renovating and furnishing your kitchen. Design and decorate your cooking space around how you live and entertain guests.

Take note of how you use your kitchen and if there’re any changes you intend to make in the future.

For instance, you may want to include an ice maker, a large-capacity oven, a warming drawer, or any other specialty appliance if you love entertaining guests at home.

With some appliances, you can prepare delicious and healthy homemade food. For instance, the best manual meat grinder would allow you to make own ground meat for burgers, sausages, and more. This not only saves you money, but also ensures you eat healthy.

If you’re a busy family with less time to spend in the kitchen, add a speed-cooking oven for shorter cook times.

Create a wish list of all the appliances you’d want in your kitchen to make matching appliance features with your needs easier.

The list can also help you narrow down to the most important appliances based on your budget, before you begin shopping. Product specifications and features will also help narrow down your list to the right appliances.

Visit various appliance showrooms to view and try out different products through demonstrations. This is a great way to ensure that the appliances you eventually buy ergonomically fit your kitchen layout and meet your unique needs.

For instance, you can opt for appliances with buttons, knobs and other tactical features built for greater accessibility. You’ll also consider products with larger temperature and time displays as you deem fit, and based on your kitchen size.

Use the Find A Showroom feature on most appliance manufacturers’ websites to help you locate a product retailer near you.

Appliance style and finishes or color

With your appliance functional requirements and a working budget, you can further narrow down your list. Pick the right products according to style and finishes that match or complement the design and layout of your kitchen.

Opt for stainless steel for modern kitchen interiors. The material is durable and long-lasting, easy to clean and sleek enough to fit into your modern space.

Consider using custom panels to integrate appliances into your kitchen cabinetry for a clean look. The panels must be custom made based on manufacturer’s specifications for the given appliance.

What’s more, high-end appliances blend into almost any interior space, style and décor.

However, you can also opt for bold finishes to brighten your kitchen space. Match, complement or contrast appliance finishes with that of your kitchen cabinets for enhanced appeal. Also make sure that the knobs, handles, illumination, or touchscreens of your appliances also blend well into your kitchen. Use a mood board to visualize all the color or finishes you want to integrate into your kitchen to ensure they work well together.

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