Finding a Suitable Home Renovation Project

We can help you learn how to investigate projects properly to find the right renovation project. Learn when to say NO and walk away to avoid wasting your money on renovation pits. Only opt for renovation projects that promise to offer value for your money.
Although home renovation is meant to improve the value of your home or property, choosing the wrong project may mean you spend more than its worth. Determine the condition of a home before investing in it for renovation purposes.
What can be done with the design of the home? What’s its financial potential? Can you extend its outdoor space? Is it possible to get planning permission to conduct similar renovation works? Ask these questions when viewing a property to help you choose the right home for renovation.
We help homeowners and investors to properly assess a property’s immediate environment and location, including the building’s structural stability. What’s the prices of ceilings for similar properties in the location (prices buyers won’t be willing to pay for the property)?
We also provide all the information you need to find a chartered surveyor to conduct a building report highlighting concern areas. The report also gives an idea of necessary repairs and their potential costs. The surveyor recommends further assessments of the property if any of the following is detected:

  • Heave or subsidence
  • Infestation
  • Drainage issues
  • Damp

The report also determines the construction techniques that were used when building the property. The techniques may vary if the home has been renovated several times since its construction.
You can use the information during house renovation to ensure that the new techniques and materials you want to use are appropriate and allow for effective planning.
We also recommend that you get a measured survey for precise scale drawing of the home’s existing layout. You’ll need it when applying for planning to renovate the property. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is a good source of expert surveyors.
Most structural issues have viable solutions. It’s necessary to determine these issues early because they can impact your renovation budget. So, the earlier you find them out, the better. Additionally, structural issues such as subsidence can easily impact your options for insurance and property resale value.
Make sure that you view the property at least twice and take videos for further analyses.

Home Remodeling or Renovation?

Renovation involves restoration of existing properties, bringing them back to their original condition. It refreshes and reinvigorates old homes. However, remodeling involves extending a property or changing its layout.
You can remodel and renovate a home to bring it back to its original state while changing its layout to make it ideal for modern living.
At My Renovation Magazine, we provide all the information you need to design, renovate, remodel or decorate your home to improve its look and value. We’re your go-to magazine for everything you need to know about home renovation.

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