5 Best Remodeling Contractors in Detroit

Embarking on a remodeling project in Detroit? You’re in luck! Finding the right contractor can be a challenging job, but we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts has spent hundreds of hours researching, analyzing, and comparing the plethora of options in the Motor City to bring you the cream of the crop.

Beyond All Standards Construction Company

Construction | Beyond All Standards Constructions Company | Detroit

When you’re delving into the realm of home remodeling in Detroit, Beyond All Standards Construction Company stands out as a beacon of excellence. This company has built a sterling reputation for transforming homes into spaces that perfectly reflect the homeowner’s vision and lifestyle. With years of experience and a skilled team of professionals, they have everything you need to bring your dream home to life.

One of the key aspects that set Beyond All Standards apart is their commitment to quality and detail. They’re not just about making a space look aesthetically pleasing—they ensure that every inch of your remodel meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. Whether it’s a kitchen overhaul, a bathroom refurbishment, or an entire home renovation, they approach each project with a level of dedication and precision that’s hard to match.

They also understand the importance of staying on schedule and within budget. Renovating your home is exciting, but it can also be daunting, especially when it comes to finances and timelines. That’s why Beyond All Standards employs a thorough planning process that involves you every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, they’re transparent, communicative, and focused on keeping your project on track.

Here’s a quick look at what makes them a top choice:

  • Commitment to Quality: Every project is completed with the highest standards of workmanship.
  • Personalized Approach: They tailor the renovation process to suit your specific needs and preferences.
  • Transparency: Open communication throughout the project ensures you’re never in the dark.

Choosing the right contractor for your remodeling project in Detroit might seem overwhelming, but Beyond All Standards Construction Company makes the decision easier. Their blend of quality, precision, and customer care ensures that your remodeling journey is as smooth and satisfying as possible. With their expertise, your dream home isn’t just a possibility—it’s a guarantee.

Website: http://beyondallstandardsconstruction.com/

Green Detroit Home Remodeling LLC

Greenergy Development Corp.

When you’re on the hunt for a remodeling contractor that not only transforms spaces but also prioritizes sustainability, Green Detroit Home Remodeling LLC is your go-to. This company stands out for its innovative approach to eco-friendly remodeling, ensuring that your home improvement projects are both beautiful and environmentally responsible.

At the core of Green Detroit Home Remodeling LLC’s philosophy is the belief that sustainable practices can and should coexist with high-end design. From using recycled materials to opting for energy-efficient appliances, they’re committed to reducing the carbon footprint of every project they undertake. This commitment has not only earned them a loyal customer base but also accolades for their contribution to a greener planet.

What sets Green Detroit Home Remodeling LLC apart is their personalized approach. Understanding that every homeowner’s vision is unique, they offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly blend functionality with eco-friendliness. Whether it’s a kitchen makeover or a full-scale home renovation, their team works closely with you to ensure that the end result not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Services OfferedDetails
Eco-Friendly RemodelingUse of sustainable materials and methods
Custom Home RenovationsTailored to meet individual preferences
Energy-Efficient UpgradesInstallation of solar panels, energy-efficient windows, and more

Also, for those concerned about the impact of construction waste, Green Detroit Home Remodeling LLC has a robust plan in place for waste reduction and recycling. This not only minimizes environmental impact but also often results in cost savings, which they happily pass on to their clients.

In a city that’s increasingly focusing on sustainability, Green Detroit Home Remodeling LLC is leading the charge. They not only aspire to remodel homes but to do so in a way that supports a healthier planet. Choosing them for your next project means investing in a future where luxury and sustainability go hand in hand.

Website: https://greendetroithomeremodeling.business.site/


Multi Unit Estimation Walkthrough | Aldewin Rose

When embarking on your next home remodeling project, Aldewin Rose Construction should be at the top of your list. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality, this company stands out in Detroit’s competitive construction landscape. With years of experience under their belt, the team at Aldewin Rose Construction specializes in transforming visions into reality, ensuring that every aspect of your remodel meets your highest expectations.

ALDEWIN ROSE CONSTRUCTION prides itself on its customer-centric approach. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through, you’re guaranteed a personalized experience. They believe that communication is key to successful project delivery, which is why they keep you informed and involved every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen, expand your living space, or renovate your entire home, their expert team has the skills and know-how to bring your project to fruition.

Sustainability and efficiency are also core principles of Aldewin Rose Construction. They strive to incorporate eco-friendly materials and practices into their builds wherever possible, ensuring that your remodel not only looks good but is also kind to the environment. This forward-thinking approach not only contributes to a healthier planet but can also lead to savings on energy bills in the long run.

Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, each highlighting the team’s versatility and ability to adapt to various styles and requirements. From sleek, modern aesthetics to more traditional designs, Aldewin Rose Construction excels in creating spaces that reflect the individuality of each homeowner.

Choosing Aldewin Rose Construction means opting for a seamless and stress-free remodeling experience. With a dedicated team striving for excellence, your home will be in good hands, ensuring that the outcome exceeds your expectations.

Website: http://www.aldewinrosecontractors.com/

Sachse Construction

Sachse Construction | LinkedIn

When you’re in the market for a remodeling contractor who blends reliability with innovation, Sachse Construction should definitely be on your radar. With years of experience under their belt, this Detroit-based team has consistently delivered outstanding results, transforming ordinary spaces into breathtaking havens. What sets Sachse Construction apart is their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

At Sachse Construction, it’s all about bringing your vision to life. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your kitchen or want a complete makeover for your commercial space, they’ve got you covered. Their approach is highly personalized, ensuring that every detail of the project aligns with your preferences and needs.

  • Comprehensive Services: From initial design to final touches, Sachse covers every aspect of your remodeling project.
  • Skilled Team: Their professionals are not only skilled but also passionate about creating beautiful, functional spaces.
  • Timely Delivery: Expect your project to be completed on time, without compromising on quality.

Sustainability is another cornerstone of Sachse Construction’s philosophy. They actively incorporate eco-friendly materials and practices, striving to reduce the environmental impact of every project. This not only benefits the planet but also enhances the health and comfort of your space.

Also, their portfolio showcases an impressive range of styles and designs, proving their versatility and capability to cater to diverse tastes. So, whether you prefer a modern aesthetic or a more traditional look, Sachse Construction has the expertise to exceed your expectations.

Remember, choosing the right contractor for your remodeling project in Detroit can make all the difference. With Sachse Construction, you’re not just hiring a contractor; you’re partnering with a team dedicated to making your dream space a reality.

Website: http://www.sachseconstruction.com/

Build it Detroit


Build it Detroit stands out for its exceptional approach to home remodeling projects in the Detroit area. If you’re seeking a contractor who combines local expertise, innovative design, and precision in execution, you’ve found your match. With years of experience under their belt, Build It Detroit takes pride in understanding the unique architectural heritage of the city, ensuring your remodel respects historical significance while meeting contemporary needs.

Their services are comprehensive, covering everything from kitchen and bathroom revamps to full-house transformations. What truly sets them apart is their commitment to client collaboration. Every step of the way, from initial design discussion to the final walkthrough, your ideas and feedback are the cornerstone of the project. This personalized approach guarantees your space isn’t just renovated but transformed into a reflection of your unique taste and lifestyle.

Also, Build It Detroit has a keen eye for sustainable solutions. They offer a range of eco-friendly options, including energy-efficient fixtures and reclaimed materials, without compromising on style or durability. This underscores their commitment not just to homeowners, but to the environment and the community at large.

Key HighlightsDetails
Personalized DesignEmphasis on client collaboration and customization
Historic PreservationExpertise in integrating modernity with historical charm
Sustainable PracticesInclusion of eco-friendly materials and energy-saving solutions

Opting for Build It Detroit means selecting a partner who is as invested in your home’s potential as you are. Whether you’re looking to update your living space, increase functionality, or add value to your property, their team is equipped to bring your vision to life with an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

Website: http://salves.managebuilding.com/

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Remodeling Contractors in Detroit

When you’re on the hunt for the best remodeling contractors in Detroit, knowing how they stack up against each other can make your decision easier. Our ranking is based on a meticulous evaluation process that considers several important factors. Here’s a look at how we’ve determined who makes the cut and stands out in the Detroit renovation scene.

First off, we dove into customer reviews and testimonials. Nothing speaks louder than the voice of someone who’s already walked the path you’re about to tread. We scoured various platforms for feedback to understand the satisfaction level of past clients. This insight is invaluable and a cornerstone of our evaluation.

Next, we assessed each contractor’s portfolio of completed projects. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to remodeling. The diversity, creativity, and quality of work showcased in these portfolios offer a glimpse into what you can expect for your own home. Excellence in design and execution was a must for making our list.

Besides, we considered each company’s experience and expertise in the field. Longevity and specialization in remodeling signal a depth of knowledge that’s likely to translate into superior outcomes. We looked for businesses with a track record of success in transforming Detroit homes, ensuring they have the skills and insight to tackle projects of all sizes and complexities.

Our evaluation wouldn’t be complete without analyzing the services offered. From kitchen and bathroom overhauls to full-scale home renovations, versatility in services ensures you’ll find a contractor who can meet your specific needs. Also, those that offer eco-friendly options scored extra points for their commitment to sustainability.

Finally, we looked at each contractor’s licensing, insurance, and certifications. These credentials are non-negotiable, providing a layer of trust and assurance that your project is in capable hands.

To conclude, our ranking is a comprehensive overview designed to guide you through choosing a remodeling contractor in Detroit that aligns with your vision, budget, and requirements. Each factor plays a pivotal role in shaping our recommendations, ensuring you’re equipped with the information you need to make an well-informed choice.


Choosing the right remodeling contractor in Detroit is a pivotal step in transforming your space into the dream home you’ve always envisioned. Armed with the insights from our ranking methodology, you’re now equipped to make an well-informed choice that suits your unique needs and budget. Remember, the best contractor for your project is one who not only has a stellar portfolio and glowing customer reviews but also holds the necessary credentials to back their expertise. Take your time, do your assignments, and soon you’ll be on your way to starting a successful remodeling project with a trusted professional by your side. Happy remodeling!

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