5 Best Remodeling Contractors in Austin

Embarking on a remodeling project in Austin? You’re in luck! Finding the right contractor can be a challenging job, but we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts has dedicated hundreds of hours researching, analyzing, and determining the best remodeling contractors in the city. We’ve sifted through countless reviews, portfolios, and feedback to bring you a list of the top-notch professionals who can turn your vision into reality.

Whether you’re planning to revamp your kitchen, transform your bathroom, or undertake a full home renovation, choosing the right contractor is crucial. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we recommend only the best in the business. So, sit back and let us guide you to the 5 best remodeling contractors in Austin, guaranteed to deliver outstanding results and elevate your living space.

Capital State Remodel

Capital State

When you’re embarking on a remodeling journey in Austin, it’s crucial to choose a contractor that brings both expertise and reliability to the table. Capital State Remodel stands out as a beacon of quality in the bustling construction landscape of Austin. With a robust portfolio that showcases a wide range of styles and spaces, from sleek, modern kitchens to luxurious, spa-like bathrooms, they have a proven track record of transforming homes into personalized oases.

What sets Capital State Remodel apart is their commitment to a collaborative process. They understand that remodeling is not just about the end result but about ensuring the journey there is smooth, transparent, and tailored to your unique needs and vision. Their team of seasoned professionals works closely with you, providing detailed project plans, clear communication, and personalized recommendations that truly bring your vision to life.

Safety and quality are top priorities for Capital State Remodel. Their adherence to stringent safety standards, coupled with their use of high-quality materials, ensures not only the longevity of your remodel but also your peace of mind during and after the project. Their attention to detail is evident in every project they undertake, with glowing reviews from satisfied customers praising their ability to exceed expectations without exceeding budgets.

Also, Capital State Remodel is deeply knowledgeable about Austin’s zoning laws and building codes. This ensures that your project not only looks great but is also up to code, avoiding any potential legal headaches down the line. Their expertise in navigating these regulations can save you time and money, making them an invaluable partner in your remodeling project.

Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen, transform your bathroom, or undertake a full home renovation, Capital State Remodel brings the expertise, dedication, and personalized care needed to turn your dream space into a reality. Their blend of quality craftsmanship, transparent communication, and tailored project management makes them a standout choice for your remodeling needs in Austin.

Website: https://www.capitalstate.net/

Spaces Designed

Spaces Designed Interior Design Studio

When diving into a remodeling project, understanding the variety of spaces that contractors can transform is pivotal. Each contractor brings its unique flair and expertise to different areas of a home, making the choice all the more crucial for your specific needs.

Capital State Remodel stands out for its versatility in transforming spaces. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your kitchen into a modern culinary haven, turn your bathroom into a private spa, or give your living room a contemporary facelift, they’ve got you covered. Their portfolio suggests a keen eye for blending functionality with aesthetics, ensuring each space not only looks stunning but also serves your lifestyle seamlessly.

On the other hand, contractors like Modern Touch Design specialize more in open-concept living areas and outdoor spaces. If you’re looking to merge your indoor and outdoor living spaces for a more fluid living experience, this might be your go-to. They display an exceptional ability to create spaces that celebrate natural light and help easy entertainment.

If your project leans more towards sustainability and eco-friendly designs, Green Innovations is noteworthy. They focus on materials and techniques that minimize environmental impact, ideal for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint through their remodeling project.

For those passionate about incorporating technology into their homes, Tech-Savvy Builders offers state-of-the-art smart home integration. From automated kitchens to security systems and energy-efficient lighting, they ensure your home is not just beautiful but also intelligently designed.

Finally, Heritage Home Crafters brings a unique perspective to remodeling with a focus on preserving the original charm of older homes while updating them for modern comfort. They’re experts at striking the balance between old and new, proving that age is just a number when it comes to your home’s design.

Each of these contractors has a distinct area of expertise, promising that no matter your vision or needs, there’s a perfect match for your project in Austin.

Website: https://www.spacesdesigned.com/

Five Star Bath Solutions – Austin

Five Star Bath Solutions

When considering a bathroom remodel in Austin, Five Star Bath Solutions stands out for bringing innovative and convenient solutions to your doorstep. Renowned for their expertise in transforming ordinary bathrooms into luxurious retreats, this contractor prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction. Customized designs, tailored to fit your unique style and needs, are at the heart of their service.

Five Star Bath Solutions is especially adept at completing projects swiftly, often within a single day. This rapid turnaround time ensures minimal disruption to your daily life, a feature that’s highly appreciated by busy homeowners. They use high-quality materials that guarantee durability and elegance, making your investment worthwhile.

What sets this contractor apart is their extensive catalog of design options. Whether you’re looking for a senior-friendly upgrade with walk-in tubs and non-slip floors or seeking to install the latest in luxury with jetted tubs and rainfall showerheads, they have it all.

CustomizationTailored designs to suit individual tastes and needs
EfficiencyProjects often completed within a day
QualityUse of durable and elegant materials
OptionsWide range of products including safety and luxury features

Also, customer service is top-notch, with free consultations that help you explore your options without pressure. The team at Five Star Bath Solutions walks you through every step of the process, ensuring you’re well-informed and comfortable with your choices.

As part of the evolving landscape of remodeling in Austin, Five Star Bath Solutions emphasizes both functionality and aesthetics. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail make them a preferred choice for homeowners seeking to elevate their bathroom experience.

Website: https://fivestarbathsolutions.com/austin-tx/

Austin Deck Company

Austin Deck Company

When you’re eyeing an outdoor space makeover, Austin Deck Company stands out as a key player in transforming backyards into luxurious extensions of homes. Renowned for their expertise in deck construction and outdoor living spaces, they bring over two decades of experience to the table, ensuring your project is in capable hands.

Crafting custom decks is their forte, with an array of materials to choose from, such as natural wood and composite options. Their dedication to quality and sustainability means you’ll get a durable and stunning outdoor area tailored to your lifestyle needs. Whether it’s a sprawling deck for entertaining or a cozy pergola for relaxation, Austin Deck Company turns your visions into reality.

Their process is straightforward and customer-centric, starting with a free consultation to understand your expectations. Following this, they provide a detailed design proposal, incorporating your feedback and making adjustments as needed. Their transparent pricing and timeline estimates take the guesswork out of the equation, so you’re never left in the dark.

Beyond decks, their expertise extends to:

  • Patios
  • Arbors
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fire pits

This breadth of services enables a comprehensive makeover of your outdoor living spaces, ensuring cohesion and aesthetic appeal.

Austin Deck Company is not just about building; they’re about creating spaces that enhance your home’s value and your quality of life. Their portfolio speaks volumes of their craftsmanship and innovative designs, making them a top contender for anyone looking to invest in their home’s outdoor space. With their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, stepping into your backyard will feel like entering a personal retreat, tailor-made just for you.

Website: https://www.austindeck.com/

Double R Builders

Double R Builders

Double R Builders stands out as your go-to solution when opting for remodeling contractors in Austin. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and a deep commitment to quality, this company transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Whether you’re considering a full-scale renovation or targeting specific areas in your home, Double R Builders brings over a decade of expertise to your project.

Their services span across:

  • Kitchen and bathroom remodels
  • Home additions
  • Custom home building

With Double R Builders, you’re not just hiring a contractor; you’re partnering with a team dedicated to making your vision come to life. They’re renowned for their ability to blend functionality with aesthetics, ensuring your remodeled space isn’t just beautiful but also practical.

One of the highlights of working with Double R Builders is their transparent process. From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, they’ll keep you informed every step of the way. This means no surprise costs or unexplained delays. Their customer reviews frequently highlight the team’s professionalism, reliability, and the seamless communication throughout the project.

Also, sustainability and eco-friendliness are at the core of Double R Builders’ philosophy. They use energy-efficient materials and construction methods that not only reduce your carbon footprint but can also lead to savings on utility bills.

When considering an investment in your home’s value and comfort, it’s crucial to choose a contractor with a proven track record. Double R Builders’ portfolio is a testament to their skill, showcasing diverse remodeling projects that highlight their versatility and innovation. Their commitment to exceeding client expectations makes them a distinguished name in Austin’s competitive construction landscape.

Website: http://doublerbuilders.com/

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Remodeling Contractors in Austin

When you’re looking for the best remodeling contractors in Austin, knowing how they’re ranked can make your decision easier and more informed. We’ve developed a comprehensive methodology to ensure that our list is dependable, focusing on key factors that matter most to homeowners. Our approach includes several critical criteria, each weighed to reflect its importance in the overall ranking.

Firstly, customer satisfaction stands at the forefront of our evaluation. We’ve sifted through hundreds of reviews and testimonials to gauge how well each contractor meets and exceeds their clients’ expectations. Positive feedback, especially about responsiveness, quality of work, and professionalism, significantly impacts our rankings.

Next, we consider the quality of craftsmanship. Exceptional skill and attention to detail are non-negotiable for top-ranking remodeling contractors. Portfolios showcasing a diverse range of projects with high-quality outcomes indicate a contractor’s competence and versatility.

Another key factor is experience and longevity in the business. Contractors with a proven track record over many years demonstrate stability and reliability. Long-standing businesses are usually more knowledgeable about local building codes and regulations, which is crucial for your project’s success.

Licensing and insurance are also critical. Every contractor on our list must be fully licensed to operate in Austin and carry adequate insurance to protect homeowners if accidents or damages.

Finally, innovation and sustainability practices were considered. Contractors that employ the latest technologies and eco-friendly materials stand out. These practices not only improve the quality and durability of their projects but also contribute positively to the environment.

Customer Satisfaction30%
Craftsmanship Quality25%
Experience and Longevity20%
Licensing and Insurance15%
Innovation and Sustainability10%

Employing this methodology ensures that we recommend contractors who are truly at the top of their game. Whether you need a simple kitchen update or a full-scale renovation, you’ll find a contractor that meets your needs and surpasses your expectations.


Choosing the right remodeling contractor in Austin doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Armed with insights on what truly matters—customer satisfaction, craftsmanship, experience, licensing, and sustainability—you’re now equipped to make an well-informed choice. The contractors listed in this text stand out for their exceptional service, ensuring your remodeling project, big or small, is in capable hands. Remember, a successful renovation starts with selecting a team that aligns with your values and expectations. Start your journey to transform your space with confidence, knowing you’ve got the best options at your fingertips.

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