A Guide on How to Make a Stylish Home Bar

A place to hang out with friends will come in handy during this pandemic. And that place can be a home bar. You can hire a professional to help you build the perfect home bar, but that will be costly and may not consider your preferences.

Perhaps the best way to approach this subject is to build the home yourself. Here is how you can build the perfect home bar.

Anatomy of the Bar

The first thing you need to figure out is the dimensions of the home bar. Most people prefer going with 42 inches because that allows for longer and comfortable stools to be used in the bar. Also, ensure the overhang height is at least 8 inches, and the higher, the better.

The next thing to figure out is the height of the bar stools. 30 inches is usually fine, but you should go for shorter ones. However, there’s no harm in purchasing bar stools that are about 32 inches feet.

Next, you will need to determine the width of your bar top. If you factor in the number of people who will be using it, you are looking at a width of at least 16 inches but not more than 20 inches. If you go above 20 inches, you will waste precious space.

Bar Molding

A bar molding is the nerve center of any home bar. It serves many important roles, such as preventing spilled drinks from spreading all over the bar or onto your clothes. Furthermore, it offers a comfortable place to rest your arms as you enjoy your drink. It’s also a good way to make your bar look modern and classy.

Interior Design

Traditional bars have rails where the waiters pour drinks. The rails are a wonderful part of the bar, but they are not needed at your home bar. Instead, it would help if you got a drip lip to keep spills at bay.

You’ll also need a bar counter. This is the place where you will install your sink, arrange bottles, and slice lemons. It also adds a touch of complexity to the entire place without eating a lot of space. However, it is an expensive feature you are probably better off without.

Depending on the number of people you intend to host at your home bar, you may need to find the perfect stool spacing. You also need to consider the body built of the people coming to your home bar. If they are huge guys, then you should put the stools 30 inches apart. Nevertheless, there’s no problem with spacing the tools two feet apart.


You want your home bar to be classy. An old mini fridge will not help you achieve that aim. A home bar is a place where you will store many beers and other alcoholic drinks. That’s why you need a refrigeration system that can hold several bottles.

Get a kegerator that can hold mixers, chilled wines, and bottled beers. The best part about kegerators is that they are not expensive. In fact, you can find a new one going for less than $500.



Lighting enhances the mood and creates a fun atmosphere. Perhaps that is what revelers associated with. If you are really interested in replicating the traditional bar experience, you will need some flickering fluorescent lights to help set the mood. Otherwise, you risk turning your bar into just another kitchen counter.

Start with LED strip kits to create sleek lighting. The kits are affordable and easy to install. Furthermore, they are available in several colors and can be modified into any length. Some of the strips are sold with an adhesive back. This makes it easy to chop and stick them to the right spot. Normally, the best place to put the lights is under the cabinets or above the bar top.

Back Bar

Many people tend to forget the back bar when they are designing their own bar. The back bar is the best place to store your wine, beer, and a wide range of liquor. It also comes in handy when you have booze that consists majorly of the keg.

You can decorate your back bar using giant mirrors or vintage maps. The idea is to give the bar a contemporary aura without spending too much money.



With the pandemic keeping most bass closed, this is the time to come up with new ideas. A home bar is an out-of-the-box solution that will bring back the great times you had with your friends. We hope these tips will help you get started.

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