Who WeAre

My Renovation Magazine is an interior design magazine that targets audiences interested in building their dream homes through renovation, self-build, or conversion. We’re dedicated to inform, inspire, and encourage homeowners undertaking renovation projects.
We’re an American website and online magazine with a focus on interior design, architecture, landscape design, decorating, and home improvement. Founded several years ago, we’re based in the U.S. and love everything that has to do with home renovation and improvement.
We offer the best home design and renovation experience, atop connecting home professionals and homeowners with the best resources, information, tools, and vendors out there for their projects.

Our magazine was inspired by a single house.
Our founders remodeled their home and began their project just like other home renovation works. They had lots of home professional referrals and multiple home design magazines from people in their networks.
However, they felt stuck after all the torn out pages from magazines and lots of referrals failed to deliver their dream home. They had to find a better way of making a dream home a reality. This is how My Renovation Magazine was born.
It’s a place to seek inspiration, knowledge, and information about home renovation projects. You can browse home photos and save those you find too beautiful to ignore. At My Renovation Magazine, you’ll find access to professionals in design and construction near you to help complete your project.
We’re a place where you can connect with other home professionals and homeowners with similar experiences and goals. We began as a side project but have grown over the years into a large community of over 10 million homeowners, home improvement professionals, and home design enthusiasts from around the nation and worldwide.
Whether you’re planning to renovate or remodel your existing kitchen, or need ideas for the perfect bedside table, we’ve got all your needs covered. Our community of home professionals and homeowners are always available to inspire, inform, and help.
When you’re ready to begin your home renovation project, we’re your go-to home renovation magazine for product discovery, inspiration, and where you can find and collaborate with designers, architects, contractors, and other people of a similar mind.
Don’t begin your house renovation project until you go through our complete home remodeling guide. We cover everything from finding and buying a project to adding the final touches to your completed dream house, including decoration.
House renovation is both daunting and exciting for the right reasons. It also has the potential to make a profit if you’re in it for business or investment. We’ll help you put your own personality on something or discover authentic features hidden underneath dust worth several years.
We can even help you get a bigger house in a modern area based on your personal preferences, budget and tastes. And, it takes proper preparation for what’s yet to come and an expectation of surprises to successfully embark on house renovation projects.
However, various issues can arise during a house renovation. You’ll need to solve such issues as they arise prior to the emergence of your dream home. Usually, issues that arise during renovation projects come with hidden costs.
Therefore, you need a step-by-step action plan to ensure that your renovation project stays on budget and schedule.



Our mission is to provide our readers with the information they need to build, renovate, remodel, or decorate their homes. We focus on helping you run successful home renovation projects.


Our vision is to ensure that home professionals and homeowners have access to everything they need to renovate their properties. Ultimately, we aim to ensure that every home renovation project is started and finished successfully to get your dream home